Andover SnoDragons

Hay Days Snowmobile Grass Drags

Hay Days 2017

Hay Days 2017 was another one for the record books!  Thanks to all of the SnoDragons and guests that pulled together to make this year another success.

See everyone in 2018!

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Hay Days 2016

Hay Days 2016 - is in the books!  Thanks to all of the SnoDragons for your help with pulling off this important club fundraiser. 

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Hay Days 2015

Thanks to all of the SnoDragons for an awesome 2015 event!

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Hay Days 2014

Hay Days 2014 was a huge success!  We want to thank everyone for all their help.  Thanks to all that brought wheelers and trailers, everyone that walked and pick at Hay Days and the weekend after.  It would have been impossible it pick up 33.49 tons of garbage and 10.1 tons of cardboard without you all.  Thank you to our wheeler sponsors - Thank you Sno Barons for your support with the vendor changes this year - it made a big difference in our ability to do our job effectively and efficiently.  Also thank you to Dick Cormwell for bringing the freezer, water, and fresh veggie's.

Thank you to Melvin Beauchem for taking over the position of Trash Master, you did an awesome job. Last but least, a big Thanks to Dave Olson for helping us as Camp Master, you are the best! 

The Andover Sno Dragons want to thank all of you that helped us with every and any part of this fund raiser!  It was a huge success!

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