Andover SnoDragons

MN DNR Safety Training

2019 Fall Safety Training is fast approaching! - Click HERE for more information.

The most positive aspect of being a part of the Andover Sno Dragons Snowmobile Club is being able to provide instruction on the safe use of snowmobiles to the young riders of the area. The club hosts the Minnesota DNR Youth Snowmobile Safety Course, having several State Certified Instructors among our group. We have the participants review all the materials provided for us by the MN DNR, as well as have them listen to speakers on the subject of snowmobile safety.

The Law (since October 1, 2002): Anyone born after December 31, 1976 must have a snowmobile safety certificate to operate a snowmobile anywhere in Minnesota. The Youth and Young Adult Safety Course is available to youth ages 11 years and older (although students are eligible to participate in the course and take the tests at age 11, the DNR will not issue their official valid safety certificate until their 12th birthday). Persons 16 years of age and older are eligible to take the Online Only Course instead if they choose.

There are two options for Youth Snowmobile Safety Certification.  A 'Traditional Course' or an 'Online Course'.  Both courses cover snowmobile safety, operation, and laws.  You must complete one OR the other.

Click the following link to the Minnesota DNR Website for additional information on Snowmobile Safety Training

The SnoDragons Snowmobile Club is proud to offer a 'Traditional Course' annually for our community.

These classes will be at Roosevelt Middle School on 125th Avenue NE in Blaine, MN.

- Instruction and supplies will be provided to students; Parents should plan to attend

- Instruction, Quiz, and Riding Performance Course will be completed in 2 sessions.

- To particpate, please complete and email or mail the following form:  Safety Training Registration Form

- You will need to sign up through the DNR website, complete the online snowmobile safety training and print the certificate of completion

- You will need to bring the student's birth certificate for proof of age or a valid drivers license when you check in

The Adult Course takes a close look at the causes of accidents, speed and reaction times, stopping distances, group riding, and the effects of long term injuries and death on family and friends. In addition to receiving their DNR Safety Certificate, adults can get an endorsement on their actual driver's license after successful completion of the course.

For additional information, please contact the DNR Information Center at 1-888-646-6367, or 651-296-6157, or by email at

To learn the dates and times of additional DNR Safety classes being offered, please contact the Minnesota DNR or Minnesota United Snowmobile Association (MnUSA) for listings of other Snowmobile Safety Training classes being offered around the state, or contact the Snowmobile Safety Training Program Headquarters at 1-800-366-8917.